Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday, sometime in late February

I have no idea if the date most of the time, I figure if I know the year it's a start, the month is a bonus. My age too, lately I told someone I was a year older than I am. Words are elusive, often I can describe an object but can't think of the name for it, I don't know what's going on with me, old age or something.

I am so glad you liked the parcel, especially the scarf, I thought that colour was so you. And yes, it took me AGES to knit, which is why you got it in February and not for Christmas as I originally planned! I enjoyed  knitting it though, it is nice to knit for someone else, the anticipation of giving the gift is part of the pleasure of making it.

It's great to read over at your blog how your business plans are coming along, everything seems to be falling into place. I loved your writing in Kindred magazine and photograph on the cover as I have told you before, it's lovely to see you sharing your gifts, and amazing to me that you manage to do it all with two children and a full time job!

I liked your story about shopping for the girls' boots. My Mum always says when we went shopping I would never be interested in what we were supposed to be shopping for, but would want something completely different. I am still the same! My eye is distracted by pretty things  - generally scarves, bags or stationery - all of which I have lots of already, when I am supposedly looking for a pair of jeans, or a coat. I don't like shopping anyway, and especially not in malls, those Cathedrals to the great God of Shopping where we are supposed to get dressed up and parade around on the weekend, ugh. At least, that's what they are like here - you need a fake tan, false eyelashes and heels just to go shopping. I don't think so. Give me interesting independent little shops any day, or at least a shopping centre that actually has streets, and fresh air.

I've had a busy few days. A friend's hen night on Saturday, errands and visiting family Sunday, a concert last night. I'm feeling pretty shattered, sleeping too much, no energy and permanent foggy brain. I've taken no photos for days. And I have just realised it is Tuesday, which totally illustrates my earlier point. Is there any hope for me?

Debbie  x

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