Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Hello Jen

Valentines Day today - do your girls get involved with the class Valentines and everything? I think it's a much bigger thing over there than here, here it's just a romantic thing, you don't have to give them to your friends too. The Prof drew me a lovely card with my dream cottage on, a bit of a theme for us. I made him one too, and we decided not to bother with gifts. I told him I'll have some flowers next time we are at the supermarket! We are in London tomorrow as I have a hospital appointment, and I think we might visit a museum in the afternoon and have lunch out, so that can be our Valentine treat.

It's 8am, early for me - there is usually only one 8 o'clock in my day! I am up early today as I am off with seven friends to a craft fair. I am not feeling great lately as you know, but hoping it won't be too much for me, if it is I will park myself in the tea room with a cream tea and my book.

I read your tweet today about doing yoga with short hair - I never thought about that before, but it must be easier for you! I am going to be doing some yoga myself, Rachel at Fusion Studio is going to work with me to create a sequence I can do with my various health issues. In the meantime I have been practising yoga nidra, a short practice I only have to lie down for! Are you familiar with that? I really like it.

Just realised I need to be out the door in five minutes! More later .......


Here I am again, 8pm and feeling pretty tired. It was a really good day, but sadly no cream tea! I did find some bread pudding though, so I brought a slab of that home to share with the Prof. I spent some money I had for Christmas, and now have the makings of four more projects! I had a go at some deco patch while I was there (see photo).

Well that's it for now. We have the last episode of Lewis to watch, so I am going to try to stay awake for that, then an early night.  Hospital appointment tomorrow.

Good luck with the decluttering! Hoping to get some done myself this weekend.

Love to you, Em and K

Debbie  x

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