The Authors


Debbie lives with her husband, son and dog in a tiny house on the outskirts of London, where she spends her days drinking coffee with cream and dreaming of living closer to the countryside. She has a little garden where she grows sweet peas and tomatoes and likes to sit and watch the washing blowing in the breeze and listen to the birds. Debbie spends a lot of time reading and too much time on the internet. She enjoys long lie-ins, and is frequently to be found in her pyjamas at lunchtime.  In recent years she has rediscovered an interest in writing and found that she enjoys taking photographs. Rumour has it that she is rather untidy.  She wants a tortoise.

Debbie also blogs at Debbie in London


Jennifer is a single mother to two growing daughters.  She is in charge of two girls who think they know better, three adopted cats and an elderly dog. She works full time where she dreams of quitting and becoming a writer.  She also enjoys cooking, a good glass of wine, the color blue, the view of the ocean and  breezy afternoons under the trees.   She enjoys documenting everyday life and small bits of nature. She is still striving to live happily in the right here and right now but dreams of one day living and hiking in the wilds of the world or at least getting five minutes of quiet.

Jennifer also blogs at Under The BIG blue Sky.

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