Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holding Pattern

This is an art installation not far from my home, which is called 'Holding Pattern'. The dictionary says that a holding pattern, apart from being the circular flight path of an aircraft waiting to land, is a state of waiting, or delay. 

Jennifer and I, after getting to know each other online in the Autumn of 2010 when we took part in the same e-course, started this joint blog in May 2011. I am sure I speak for both of us when I say it has been good fun and a rewarding experience.  Lately though, we have both become busy with real life, other projects and our own personal blogs, and Notes Across the Sea has become a bit neglected. 

We will leave our words and photos here, and may well be back in the future with more.  In the meantime, this blog remains in a holding pattern. You can find Jennifer at under the big blue sky and me at Debbie In London. Come over and say hello, we'd love to see you!