Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 22, 2014 - Summer Fair

Hello friend,

I hope that by writing in this space, I will be better at keeping in touch.  I miss our weekly correspondence.  I know it has come in bits. Life here is hectic, with one teenager and one girl on the cusp in the house.  We are quite often on the go.

It's summer here and that means tonight we went to the County Fair.  It ended at 11:00 pm and so writing this now at 11:30 pm, I realize it's 5:30 am where you are.  I am putting an end to my day as you will be starting soon.

The County Fair.  How to describe it.  All the farm kids in the 4H club (Head, Heart, Hands, Health) bring their animals to show.  The cow barn, the poultry barn, the pig barn, the horse barn, the goat barn (my favorite!).  All the animals are cleaned up so pretty and ready for a pet.  One of the previous visits to the fair a goat decided to grab and eat my sweater.  I can't resist the little buggers though.

Tonight though, as the girls are older, it was all about the rides.  Em was meeting a friend and her boyfriend (yes, boyfriend) there and quickly disappeared for the evening.  I think how different it is than when I was her age.  My parents would have never dreamed of letting me run off with friends, but in the age of cell phones, we could simply text each other meet up points over the course of the evening.

So I was left with K and her cousin.  Once I let go of the fact that we were waiting a good long while for the rides, I relaxed and enjoyed myself.  I don't usually do well in crowds.  It is funny to think again, how it seems like not that long ago, my entire world was  carrying my two littles around and standing with them next to the horses on the carousel and now I have been delegated to the status of drink holder.  I have to say though, it brought a smile to my face to see them experiencing things, like the first time on a scary ride, or the first time with the freedom to explore.

The sounds of rides whirring by, the sound of screaming, the smell of popcorn and funnel cake.  The sun disappearing behind the flashing lights. We made our way out to the field across from the fairgrounds just after 11:00 warm from the heat, sick from the sweet drinks and tired from a full night.  It only comes once a year and we don't always go, but it is a perfect summer memory.

The girls are all tucked into bed (including the cousin who came home with us) spent, and I am typing this quick note to you, before another week passes by.

Looking forward to your news,


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  1. I just looked up funnel cake. I think I need some of that in my life!


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