Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

 The snow has gone now, we had some rain one night which washed the last traces away, and wonder of wonders! We had a little sunshine at the weekend. Ideal days for one of our drives, but we were late getting started both mornings, so didn't venture too far afield, although we did go and see Quartet. It was funny, and moving. I think you'd like it.  

I am really tired lately. I don't know if it's that the Christmas activities have taken it out of me, but I seem to be needing so much sleep again, I am rarely up before noon the last week or two, which I hate, but it's the only way I can function. Then of course I am not tired at night and end up going to bed late, which just makes the whole cycle worse. I am eating a low glycaemic diet again, and when I was eating like this last year, I had a period of several weeks when I felt the best I have for years. It doesn't seem to have happened again this time, maybe it was just a coincidental fluke. On the positive side, my leg, which has been painful and stiff for months and I was thinking was arthritis, has been much better for a few days. A few weeks ago I was prescribed Vitamin D as I am deficient in it, so I am wondering if it was a problem caused by that, as I know it can cause bone problems, and maybe the supplement is helping. Fingers crossed. 

I spent a lovely few hours yesterday with my Mum and Aunt, looking at old photographs. We came across a picture of my cousin when he was twenty or so (he is now fifty), and I really thought for a moment that it was the Young Philosopher, it was so like him! Isn't it strange, the way these likenesses run through families, in ways you don't expect? 

No prizes for guessing what I will be doing today (see photo!) There is laundry everywhere and I still haven't put away my Christmas and birthday presents. I've basically ignored all the post I have received for the past month as well. I think I am still in Christmas mode! I hope to get things tidied up in time to sit with the latest episode of Mr Selfridge and my knitting before it's time to cook dinner. Meatballs with Ikea sauce this evening, and then I am out to my book club. 

Hope things are well with you and the girls, 

Debbie  x

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